Value-added services are a key component in the chemicals and ingredients distribution value chain. In between buying large quantities of chemicals from chemical producers and breaking them down into smaller quantities and packaging units which it then sells to the end customer, Brenntag provides a broad range of value-added services that streamline our customers’ production process and provide efficiency gains. The services that chemical distributors offer their customers and suppliers set them apart from the competition.

Chemical distribution is a very granular business and so are our customers’ requirements. Customers ask for individual services to suit their business model and production process. Value-added services are multifaceted. As global market leader, Brenntag leads the way with the value-added services we offer our partners. Those that we provide include, among others, filling, labelling, barcoding, palletizing, batch tracing, inventory management, drum-return service, mixing and blending, micronizing, technical support, application advice, documentation as well as support with regard to complying with regulatory standards and much more.

Here are some examples of the value-added services Brenntag provides to its partners.