Following its acquisition, ACU PHARMA und CHEMIE GmbH is part of the Brenntag Group, adding a specialist in micronization to the Brenntag Group’s portfolio of services. For 20 years, ACU has specialized in high-quality micronization and milling.

The core business of this Brenntag entity is micronizing solid materials, that is to say producing high-quality powders and fine powders for customers in a number of different industries, such as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. On behalf of its customers, the company micronizes preservatives, for instance, which are used in a wide variety of products in the food and pharmaceuticals sectors. Ultra-fine grinding, or micronization, improves physical product attributes, such as the speed at which a pharmaceutical begins to act in the body. Quality, cleanliness and absolute care during the manufacturing process are, of course, always of the utmost importance.

Christian Korr is Managing Director and leads a team of around 30 employees, who currently have five modern, technically sophisticated milling systems at their disposal as well as mixing, sieving and filling systems.

“The basis of our services is a unique quality model for ultra-fine grinding. This is achieved, firstly, by deploying systems technology with an uncompromising focus on quality and cleanliness and, secondly, through a likewise carefully-executed production model. Each system has isolated areas and often individual locks for materials and personnel.”

Sophisticated milling technology with menu-based process control.

Working relationships with customers are long-term and collaborative. An entire year may pass between a large-scale project’s initiation and its implementation. Micronizing products is a complex process. Projects are developed together with the customer in line with their requirements and systems specifically prepared for each customer. The team has to offer and implement non-standardized processes swiftly and reliably. This requires adaptability and drive. Our aim is to always find the best solution for the customer, and in the best-case scenario that means increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This flexibility pays off: customers usually stay loyal to us for many years!

» The basis of our services is a unique quality model
for ultra-fine grinding. «

Top quality comes as standard in production

“The services we offer our customers are diverse: we assist them when capacity is tight or take over entire stages of production on a long-term basis. The customer’s decision to have micronization carried out by ACU always results in efficiency gains and often eliminates the need for fresh investment in their own systems or further maintenance. We adapt to the customer’s specific requirements and assist the customer by providing our expertise from new product development through to the production of the powders. In doing so, safety and end-to-end quality management are always afforded top priority,” explains Christian.

Reaching ultimate quality for chemical products with a pin mill.

As the production process is complex and quality requirements are stringent, the customer usually conducts an audit at ACU before the actual micronizing process begins. A quality process with different steps is therefore devised for each customer individually. These processes are agreed with the customer’s quality team, established as set procedure for the partnership and officially audited.

ACU is an agile service provider able to adapt swiftly and flexibly to diverse customer requirements and offer top-quality products. At the same time, the company benefits from the Brenntag Group’s sales capabilities and infrastructure. Just one example of how the global market leader in chemical distribution provides tailored solutions for its customers.

Milling & Micronizing sales process