Chemical distribution is a business where personal relationships with partners, customers and suppliers play a major role. Brenntag regards its employees as the Group’s most valuable asset. The tasks they perform are as diverse as the products and services we offer worldwide. We present some of these employees to you in this Annual.

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As Vice President Food & Nutrition in Singapore and with more than 26 years’ experience in the food industry, Margaret plays a key role in delivering the Food & Nutrition business’s strategies in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of your job, you must spend a lot of time around food. What is it about food that you love so much?

Margaret: Food serves a lot of different needs for a lot of different types of people around the world. Food that tastes good makes you feel good. It brings us together in so many ways. And through food, we can experience the flavors and textures of different cultures.

How does this passion for food translate to the services Brenntag Food & Nutrition provides?

Margaret: Our teams make every effort to understand the needs of customers as well as consumers with regard to flavors, texture, culture and current trends, and are focused on delivering services that are tailored to meet those requirements. We always like to put both customers and consumers at the heart of our business.

What makes Brenntag’s services unique in the universe of food?

Margaret: Our passionate, committed and competent people! Brenntag not only provides a reliable supply chain as a distributor, we also continue to stay relevant in the food industry through constant investment in technology, regulatory compliance, innovation, marketing and sales. We are proud of our dedicated technicians in ten food application and development centres across Asia who help our customers resolve issues and formulate new and innovative concepts into great-tasting prototypes. This capability and expertise enables customers to minimize the time and money they themselves spend on research and development, enhancing our reputation and ultimately helping to increase our market share and drive growth.

What are your specific ambitions for the Food & Nutrition business in Asia Pacific?

Margaret: We continue to drive the strategic growth path by strengthening and developing our organic business and by geographic expansion through mergers and acquisitions. With more than 50% of the world’s population currently residing in Asia, our teams here have a fantastic opportunity to capture growth from the shift in consumer focus and drive for healthy, natural, nutritional wellness and more sustainable food choices.

Application experts in our Food & Nutrition application centres in Asia
share their knowledge with Food & Nutrition colleagues around the globe.

How exactly do you do this?

Margaret: We continue to boost cooperation and strengthen ties with colleagues in Asia and other Brenntag Food & Nutrition teams around the world. Sharing our knowledge, experience and resources gives us all a stronger platform on which to deliver value to our strategic customers and suppliers, accelerating our growth as a global company. There is an African proverb that I like to use: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Together, we will succeed!

How can Brenntag Food & Nutrition help to bring the future to the table?

Margaret: Due to a number of factors – a general rise in disposable income, improved knowledge thanks to things like the internet and the expanding presence of TV, and an increase in urbanization – the needs of consumers in Asia are changing rapidly. In today’s market, there is a demand for food products that are sustainable, convenient, nutritious, transparent, traceable and safe. Brenntag Food & Nutrition is committed to staying ahead of the curve in understanding these needs, putting ourselves in the best possible position to deliver the kind of foods that people want.

» We are proud of our dedicated technicians in ten food application and development centres across Asia who help our customers resolve issues and formulate new and innovative concepts into great-tasting prototypes, ready for evaluation by our customers. «

What kind of food do you personally like the most?

Margaret: It is very hard for me to pick just one dish! Throughout my life, I have tried to embrace and love the cultural diversity of food, and I have lots of favourite dishes from around the world – everything from Indian paneer tikka masala to French cod. It really depends on how I feel at the time.