Brenntag Cosmetics is part of our Life Science segment in EMEA. Brenntag Cosmetics develops innovative solutions for its customers and suppliers in the cosmetics industry and provides both high-quality specialty offerings and basic raw materials for the sector. For many years, our sales representatives and application engineers have been renowned for their professionalism and expertise. In our superbly-equipped application centres, we develop tailor-made formulations and concepts for new products in a high-growth market where new trends are always emerging.

Our customers and suppliers benefit from our strong presence in every European market, our local expertise and our extensive value-added services covering a diverse range of products and applications.

Lena Hansen, a member of the Brenntag Cosmetics team in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), works in our new, state-ofthe- art application centre at Group headquarters in Essen, Germany.

“Our portfolio encompasses a number of different services. As well as developing and adapting formulations, we also offer to undertake more technically complex tasks, such as rheology measurements, stability tests and determining physicochemical parameters. Basically, though, our primary objective is to make life easier for our customers and suppliers. This is why we also prepare formulation booklets,” explains Lena.

The formulation booklets contain tailor-made solutions for our customers and formulations that are geared to current trends and best combine the raw materials that Brenntag offers.

In our state-of-the-art application centers the team can, among others,
test the rheological behavior and the viscosity of cosmetics.

For example, on behalf of a well-known cosmetics manufacturer, the Cosmetics team is currently developing a face cream and a body lotion that are to be sold on the Asian market. Due to local conditions and because they will be transported to Asia, the products must have certain features; more specifically, they must feature temperature stability and comply with regulatory requirements at their destination.

What is more, the same customer now wishes to work with us to develop various nature-based products – a strong trend in the cosmetics industry. In this case too, Brenntag offers a number of suitable raw materials.

CosVivet products only include high-quality cosmetics raw materials.

Work is already under way on a new edition of the formulation booklet. This time, the topics are

  • “Green products” – nature-based products
  • “Waterless” – a megatrend in the cosmetics industry
  • “Less is more” – products that contain fewer ingredients but are more effective
  • “Multifunctional” – products that have multiple properties, e.g. they are both moisturising and sun protective

“The formulation booklet is very well received among our customers, as we supply readymade formulations for a wide variety of products. Besides receiving technical application support and advice during manufacturing, customers can also buy most of the necessary ingredients directly from us – it is a one-stop shop! This makes the production process quicker and easier, and customers always have a central point of contact to address any queries. We are pleased that the number of customers using this service is constantly growing,” says Lena.

» Basically, though, our primary objective is to make life easier for our customers and suppliers. This is why we also prepare formulation booklets. «

But that is by no means all! For cosmetics manufacturers in the EMEA region, Brenntag recently launched its own product brand by the name of CosVivet.

CosVivet includes only high-quality, safe cosmetics raw materials that are quality assessed and rated as excellent by the Brenntag application engineers in our application centres.

Brenntag is starting out with a small range of waxes, but plans to launch further new product lines in the future. The benefits for our customers are obvious: they can always rely on the raw materials being of a consistently high standard of quality and the products being available. And once again, Brenntag is demonstrating that it can do much more than just distribution: we aim to strengthen the close working relationship with our partners and continuously expand our services.