As the global market leader in specialty and industrial chemicals as well as ingredients distribution, Brenntag is highly diversified and active essentially in every customer industry. One key customer industry in this portfolio is the food and nutrition industry. This is marked by rapidly changing trends, different dynamics in the various regions of the world, complex ingredients and products and sophisticated application technology. With its new Food & Nutrition unit, Brenntag has placed special focus on this line of business so that it can better serve customers and suppliers in this industry going forward.

Brenntag has had excellent access to customers and suppliers in the food and nutrition industry for many years. With a team of more than 750 employees in 73 countries, our experts serve a diverse array of customer requests and develop intelligent solutions and innovative approaches at our 28 application and development centres.

Since the end of 2018, a new global management structure and a dedicated food and nutrition brand have been raising the profile of the Food & Nutrition unit among our partners, as what many do not realize is that Brenntag is not just the world’s leading chemical distributor with an integrated business model; we are also the largest distributor of specialty, functional and commodity ingredients!

So how do our experts help our partners?

Brenntag positions itself as the preferred service partner to suppliers of ingredients on the one hand and develops individual, tailored solutions for its customers on the other.

Because of the rapid and constant changes in the food and nutrition industry, such as megatrends, population growth and people’s increasing life expectancy, distributors need to remain responsive to these individual needs. Our Food & Nutrition team does not just move with these trends; rather, we spot them early on and advise our partners on future developments. The new organizational structure enables decisions to be made more swiftly and expertise to be shared around the globe. Our Food & Nutrition employees are thus able to address customer and supplier requirements in an even more targeted manner. This benefits our partners and Brenntag at the same time.

Through our teams of application engineers and sales and marketing staff, we offer local markets expertise combined with leading sales capabilities and efficient infrastructure. In addition, Brenntag Food & Nutrition has undertaken to comply with safety, quality and regulatory requirements and at all times upholds Brenntag’s commitment to sustainability.

Individually developed formulas for our customers.

Pastries done differently

Veganism is on the rise. Statistics showed a 140% spike in global demand for plant-based foods, with the sector being valued at around USD 5 billion.

Brenntag North America’s Food & Nutrition team assisted a large US pastry manufacturer to reformulate its gluten-free pastry recipe to cater for vegans. The particular challenge was to find a plant-based alternative to egg.

The Brenntag application specialists provided a solution immediately: alpha-Cyclodextrin! Produced from starch by enzymatic conversion, alpha-Cyclodextrin is a soluble dietary fibre that performs many important roles when used as a food ingredient. Not only is it an effective emulsifier and foaming agent – much like egg – but it can also mask unpleasant flavours and aromas, and even reduce cholesterol.

Our product development team suggested a variety of formulars, which the company’s R&D team carried out at their facilities. Our commercial team acted as a mutual point of contact to guarantee a smooth communication and information flow. And in fact, one formulation in particular had performed exceptionally well. As a result, the company was able to start manufacturing its proposed gluten-free, vegan pastry and could quickly respond to the needs of customers who want to be vegan. But that was not all: with the price of eggs fluctuating, the plant-based formulation is also more cost-effective for the Brenntag customer.

» This is a good example of a win-win situation for our customers and for Brenntag. With this order and thanks to the dedicated efforts of our application specialists and the sales team, we were able to use our competency for this new customer! «