Chemical distribution is a business where personal relationships with partners, customers and suppliers play a major role. Brenntag regards its employees as the Group’s most valuable asset. The tasks they perform are as diverse as the products and services we offer worldwide. We present some of these employees to you in this Annual.

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Christian Menéndez joined Brenntag two years ago and is responsible for the maintenance at Brenntag’s plant at Llanera (Asturias), in the north of Spain.

What are your responsibilities and main tasks?

My main responsibility is to keep all the equipment, packaging and installations in perfect conditions, so that they perform to the highest standards of productivity and safety that we require for the development of the daily tasks in operations. I have to talk to suppliers of services, machinery and spare parts for the plant and also to companies which provide materials for plant maintenance and explain to them that in the chemical industry it is particularly important that the products they supply fulfill the highest standards of quality and safety. I have the best materials and keep them in the best condition. My most important task is to prevent any failure, breakdown or default that could entail a risk to the general safety of the plant, to the individual safety of my colleagues and to the safety of the equipment and the products at the plant. By ensuring failsafe operations, I ultimately contribute to customer satisfaction and to Brenntag’s economic progress.

» Working for Brenntag opens up a world of possibilities. «

What does Brenntag mean to you as an employer?

For a young person, to work in an international company such as Brenntag means a lot. It opens a world of possibilities and the guarantee that you are in the place where things are being done in the right way, with the best standards. Here, I can talk with my colleagues and supervisors in the same familiar and close way, with ease and transparency. And the best of all is that they really listen to you and value your ideas and opinions.