Chemical distribution is a business where personal relationships with partners, customers and suppliers play a major role. Brenntag regards its employees as the Group’s most valuable asset. The tasks they perform are as diverse as the products and services we offer worldwide. We present some of these employees to you in this Annual.

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The oil and gas industry is one of the most important customer industries for Brenntag, especially in our North America region. Aaron Booth works as a customer adviser in the oil and gas industry at Brenntag in Texas. The US state has large oil reserves and plays a significant role in this sector. Aaron maintains long-term partnerships with his customers and tends to see the working relationship as a team relationship and himself not just as an external adviser.

Why did you decide to work in the oil and gas industry?

Aaron: Most of the oil and gas folks enjoy the outdoors – they hunt, they fish. As I studied Environmental Biology, we had some common ground to start with as opposed to not having any common ground. So I just naturally gravitated towards that industry.

Is there a “typical day” at work for you?

Aaron: A typical day at work begins with a review of the customers I will be meeting for the day and key topics that will be discussed. As the day progresses I will handle a broad spectrum of challenges needing solutions. This can include logistical needs, product supply chain, technical product trouble shooting and sometimes safety recommendations to meet the customer’s needs. The oil and gas industry is very demanding, time-sensitive and forces you to come up with solutions safely and quickly.

Aaron trusts in partnerships – with colleagues and customers.

What would you say is the best part of your job?

Aaron: The best part of my job is having the opportunity to be part of my customers’ success by facing challenges and opportunities together and finding solutions. At some point, I figured out that this wasn’t just about selling a product at a certain price. It’s about helping the customers’ overall needs, being the person they come to for advice, or any challenges they need solutions to.

» Being a trusted adviser is key for connecting my customers. «

Take us with you on the road. What projects have you currently been working on?

Aaron: For one customer, we currently blend five different custom blends that go into the stimulation and production side of the oil and gas industry. These opportunities were discovered by asking probing questions that revealed that the customer didn’t have enough man power to handle the workload required to keep up with the demand. Now we are able to provide finished blends at attractive pricing and in addition we manage the customer’s inventories of raw materials. In a nutshell: we make life easier for the customer.

And what are the benefits to a customer of working with Brenntag?

Aaron: I don’t think it matters which industry you are in, Brenntag offers everything from A to Z. It’s literally a one-stop shop with a huge buying presence, but you also have the local presence of individual branches with sales representatives that can offer that local support. We are truly vested in finding solutions for our customer’s needs.